A Study on a Scenario-based Information Leakage Risk Response Model Associated with the PC Event Detection Function and Security Control Procedures

Ig Jun Lee, Heung Youl Youm


It is a measure to overcome limitations that occur in the activity of detecting and blocking abnormal information leakage activity by collecting the activity log generated by the security solution to detect the leakage of existing financial information and analyzing it by pattern analysis. First, it monitors real-time execution programs in PC that are used as information leakage path (read from the outside, save to the outside, transfer to the outside, etc.) in the PC. Second, it determines whether it is a normal․controlled exception․control circumvention by interacting with the related security control process at the time the program is executed. Finally, we propose a risk management model that can control the risk of financial information leakage through the process procedure created on the basis of scenario.

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