Utilization of Demographic Analysis with IMDB User Ratings on the Recommendation of Movies

Sung Moon Bae, Sang Chun Lee, Jong Hun Park


Nowadays, overflowing data produced every second from the internet make people to be difficult to search for the useful information. That’s why people have invented and developed unique tools that they get some relevant information.
In this paper, the recommender system, one of the effective tools, is used and it helps us to get the useful information that we want by using demographic information to predict new items of interest. The demographic recommender system in this paper computes users’ similarity using demographic information, age and gender. So we performed demographic analysis on movie ratings on Internet Movie Database (IMDB) web site that movies are rated by thousands of people, where users submitted a movie rating after they watched a recent popular film. Meanwhile, we can understand that user’s ratings, among various determinants of box office, is very essential factor in the study on recommendation of movie.
This paper is aimed at analyzing movie average ratings directly given by film viewers, categorizing them into groups by sex and age, investigating the entire group and finding the representative group by examining it with F-test and T-test. This result is used to promote and recommend for the target group only.
Therefore, this study is considerably significant as presenting utilization for movie business as well as showing how to analyze demographic information on movie ratings on the web.

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