Improving Hypertext Classification Systems through WordNet-based Feature Abstraction

Jun-Ho Roh, Han-joon Kim, Jae-Young Chang


This paper presents a novel feature engineering technique that can improve the conventional machine learning-based text classification systems. The proposed method extends the initial set of features by using hyperlink relationships in order to effectively categorize hypertext web documents. Web documents are connected to each other through hyperlinks, and in many cases hyperlinks exist among highly related documents. Such hyperlink relationships can be used to enhance the quality of features which consist of classification models. The basic idea of the proposed method is to generate a sort of ed concept feature which consists of a few raw feature words; for this, the method computes the semantic similarity between a target document and its neighbor documents by utilizing hierarchical relationships in the WordNet ontology. In developing classification models, the ed concept features are equated with other raw features, and they can play a great role in developing more accurate classification models. Through the extensive experiments with the Web-KB test collection, we prove that the proposed methods outperform the conventional ones.

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