A Study on Development and Application of Taxonomy of Internet of Things Service

Eun-A Kim, Kwang Soo Kim, Choon Seong Leem, Choong Hyun Lee


Internet of Things (IoT) is being globally spotlighted as a fundamental technology to realize hyper-connected society, and as new growth engines of nation and enterprises. Although the technical aspect of IoT receives a great deal of attention as a new business opportunity, the business aspect of IoT is suffering insufficient scholarly research and objective insight. Thus, the business aspect of IoT requires a thorough research on its service market and business opportunities. In order to stimulate the IoT service market and facilitate objective statistic data aggregation, this paper aims to suggest an IoT service categorization model. This model is comprised of three perspectives which are IoT purpose, IoT Player, and IoT Domain; they function as tools to comprehensively analyze the IoT industry. Efficacy of this model has been confirmed by simulating 117 IoT services on the model, in which the results successfully offered the market trend of the IoT service based on Case. This study is able to apply for basic research of IoT-Service Development Plan, and provide practical implications.

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