Cloud Computing Strategy Recommendations for Korean Public Organizations: Based on U.S. Federal Institutions’ Cloud Computing Adoption Status and SDLC Initiative

Sang-Baek Kang


Compared to other countries, cloud computing in Korea is not popular especially in the government sector. One of the reasons for the current not-fully-blossomed situation is partly by early investment in huge government datacenters under Korea’s e-government initiative; let alone, there was no strong control tower as well as no enforcing law and ordinances for driving such cloud computing initiative. However, in 2015 March ‘Cloud Computing and Privacy Security Act’ (hereinafter, Cloud Act) had been passed in the Parliament and from September 2015 Cloud Act was deployed in Korea. In U.S., FedRAMP (Federal Risk Assessment and Management Program) along with Obama Adminstration’s ‘Cloud First’ strategy for U.S. federal institutions is the key momentum for federal cloud computing adoption. In 2015 January, U.S. Congressional Research Service (CRS) has published an extensive monitoring report for cloud computing in U.S. federal institutions. The CRS report which monitored U.S. government cloud computing implementation is indeed a good guideline for Korean government cloud computing services. For this reason, the purpose of the study is to (1) identify important aspects of the enacted Korean Cloud Act, (2) describe recent U.S. federal government cloud computing status, (3) suggest strategy and key strategy factors for facilitating cloud adoption in public organizations reflecting SDLC strategy, wherein.

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