A Study on Design Direction of Industry-Centric Security Level Evaluation Model through Analysis of Security Management System

Je-Min Bae, Sanggeun Kim, Hangbae Chang


Recently, the necessity of systematic security management system that consider company’ character and environment has appeared because of increasing security accident continuously in domestic companies. However, most of companies has applied to only K-ISMS which is existing information security management system, although They are different from object, purpose and way of security level evaluation by companies. According to this situation, Many experts have questioned that there are many problems with effectiveness of introducing security management system. In this study, We established definition of information security management system, industrial security management system and research security management system through analysis of previous study and developed evaluation item which can implement security in whole industry comparing and analyzing the control items of them. Also, we analyzed existing security level evaluation and suggest design direction of industry-centric security level evaluation model considering character of industry.

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