A Study on Customer Satisfaction for Courier Companies based on SNS Big data

DongJun Lee, JongUn Won Won, YongJang Kwon, MiRye Kim


Global courier companies have been devoting to get more customers and profits with different service because of the worse profits from price competition. So, the effort of improving satisfaction of customers through improving courier service qualities is more important than any other time. However, the previous way to measure courier service has limitation that costs lots of time and money from off-line survey. This limitation could be overcome with less effort and costs if utilizing on-line social big data analysis and it is so helpful to improve competitiveness of courier companies. Therefore, I have collected comments from domestic and international courier companies from big data on social network service, analyzed the satisfaction of customers by R and verified the result by comparing with American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and Korea National Customer Index (NCSI) in this research. I found out the result depicts clear correlation between SNS analysis and customer satisfaction. This study can be the foundation to predict customer satisfaction easily by utilizing real time SNS information. 

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