A Study on Color Difference Discrimination for PVC Deco-Film using Entry-Level Digital Device

Hoyoun Im, Minsoo Kim


Though digital imaging devices such as smart phones, digital cameras and office scanners have improved significantly over the past years, they are seldom used for industrial application. This may be attributable to high level of quality and performance requirement for industrial application, but there lacks a test or an objective evaluation whether the upgraded performance of entry-level device is sufficiently enough to replace existing industrial equipments or not. If there exists an industrial application area where the applicability of entry-level equipment is proved by some objective tests, then companies will be able to reduce investment on expensive industrial equipment. In this study, applicability of entry-level digital devices for color difference discrimination of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) color sheet is tested. By testing smart phone, digital camera, and office scanner for color difference discrimination, authors have found that office scanner shows consistent result with less measurement error. Additional experiment on comparing office scanner with industrial spectrophotometer has confirmed that there exists high correlation between the two devices’ results. Based on this result, office scanner may be applicable to discriminate the color difference of PVC sheet instead of expensive industrial spectrophotometer if proper management criteria are established.

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