A Method of Mining Visualization Rules from Open Online Text for Situation Aware Business Chart Recommendation

Qingxuan Zhang, Ohbyung Kwon


Selecting business charts based on the nature of the data and the purpose of the visualization is useful in business analysis. However, current visualization tools lack the ability to help choose the right business chart for the context. Also, soliciting expert help about visualization methods for every analysis is inefficient. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to propose an accessible method to improve business chart productivity by creating rules for selecting business charts from online published documents. To this end, Korean, English, and Chinese unstructured data describing business charts were collected from the Internet, and the relationships between the contexts and the business charts were calculated using TF-IDF. We also used a Galois lattice to create rules for business chart selection. In order to evaluate the adequacy of the rules generated by the proposed method, experiments were conducted on experimental and control groups. The results confirmed that meaningful rules were extracted by the proposed method. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study to recommend customizing business charts through open unstructured data analysis and to propose a method that enables efficient selection of business charts for office workers without expert assistance. This method should be useful for staff training by recommending business charts based on the document that he/she is working on.

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