A Machine Learning Based Facility Error Pattern Extraction Framework for Smart Manufacturing

Joonseo Yun, Hyeontae An, Yerim Choi


With the advent of the 4-th industrial revolution, manufacturing companies have increasing interests in the realization of smart manufacturing by utilizing their accumulated facilities data. However, most previous research dealt with the structured data such as sensor signals, and only a little focused on the unstructured data such as text, which actually comprises a large portion of the accumulated data. Therefore, we propose an association rule mining based facility error pattern extraction framework, where text data written by operators are analyzed. Specifically, phrases were extracted and utilized as a unit for text data analysis since a word, which normally used as a unit for text data analysis, is unable to deliver the technical meanings of facility errors. Performances of the proposed framework were evaluated by addressing a real-world case, and it is expected that the productivity of manufacturing companies will be enhanced by adopting the proposed framework.

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