The Influence of Digital Content Reflected in Social Media

Suhyun Lee, JeongYeon Kim


With the increased value in digital contents, the influence of social media has increased exponentially over the past years. Focused around those in their teens and twenties, social media has spread its influence to people regardless of one’s age or gender. This increased attention is reflected by the public’s interest in pets, especially those dealt with in the personal media sector.
This paper will focus on the two most popular Korean cat youtube channels called “CreamHeroes” and “SuriNoel.” By analyzing the top thirty most viewed videos on each channel, real time streaming, goods based on the cats starring on the channel, and comments left by the channels’ subscribers, it can be concluded that people watching videos categorized as “Viewnimal” derive surrogate pleasure from their viewings. The following creates the potential for increased conversation regarding the subject of shelter animals and animal abuse.

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