A Context-Aware System for Reliable RFID-based Logistics Management

Hee-Ju Jin, Hoontae Kim, Yong-Han Lee


RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) is use of an RFID tag applied to object for the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves. Recently, it is being actively researched and introduced in logistics and manufacturing. RFID portals in supply chains are meant to identify all the tags within a given interrogation zone. Hence the hardware and software mechanisms for RFID tag identification mostly focus on successful read of multiple tags simultaneously. Such mechanisms, however, are inefficient for determining moving direction of tags, sequence of consecutive tags, and validity of the tag reads from the viewpoint of workflow. These types of problems usually cause many difficulties in RFID portal implementation in manufacturing environment, there by having RFID-system developers waste a considerable amount of time. In this research, we designated an RFID portal system with SDO(Sequence, Direction, and Object-flow)-perception capability by using fundamental data supplied by ordinary RFID readers. Using our work, RFID system developers can save a great amount of time building RFID data-capturing applications in manufacturing environment.

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