Exploring the Korean Government Policies for Cloud Computing Service

Seung Ik Baek, Ji Yeon Shin, Jong Woo Kim


Recently, many companies have been interested in the cloud computing as a new IT service. They have believed that the technology enables them to save cost and enhance productivity. However, because of the management and operational problems of the technology, they hesitate to adopt the technology into their businesses rapidly. The developed countries in the IT field, such as USA, UK, and Japan, have deployed various policies to promote the use of the cloud computing in their countries. The Korean Government also has started investing a lot of resources to make the technology used widely. This study examines the current status of the Korean Government's technology policies for the cloud computing by using three analysis frameworks, which can be used to identify the government's roles in government-leading technology initiatives. The results show that the Korean Government's current policies have focused on service providers, not service consumers, and focused on public sectors, not private sectors. The unbalanced policies might interfere with the rapid and massive adoption of the cloud computing.

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