Automatic Collection of Production Performance Data Based on Multi-Object Tracking Algorithms

Hyuna Lim, Seojeong Oh, Hyeongjun Son, Yosep Oh


Recently, digital transformation in manufacturing has been accelerating. It results in that the data collection technologies from the shop-floor is becoming important. These approaches focus primarily on obtaining specific manufacturing data using various sensors and communication technologies. In order to expand the channel of field data collection, this study proposes a method to automatically collect manufacturing data based on vision-based artificial intelligence. This is to analyze real-time image information with the object detection and tracking technologies and to obtain manufacturing data. The research team collects object motion information for each frame by applying YOLO (You Only Look Once) and DeepSORT as object detection and tracking algorithms. Thereafter, the motion information is converted into two pieces of manufacturing data (production performance and time) through post-processing. A dynamically moving factory model is created to obtain training data for deep learning. In addition, operating scenarios are proposed to reproduce the shop-floor situation in the real world. The operating scenario assumes a flow-shop consisting of six facilities. As a result of collecting manufacturing data according to the operating scenarios, the accuracy was 96.3%.


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