Comparative Exploratory Research to Improve the Research Security System:Focusing on U.S Research Security Cases

So Young Han, Hang Bae Chang


As the technology hegemony war between the United States and China develops and the importance of R&D increases, countries around the world are increasing their R&D investment. In Korea, the size of R&D investment by the government and companies has steadily increased every year, and cutting-edge technologies are being developed in various fields as it shifts to the direction of creative technology development. However, the number of cases in which high-tech core technologies in Korea, which have invested a lot of budget, time, and effort, are illegally leaked overseas is also steadily increasing. Research security is an activity to safely protect protected objects in the research environment from risk factors such as leakage and deodorization, and laws and systems for research security are being reorganized not only in Korea but also in the United States and other countries around the world. In this paper we aims to derive Korea’s research security policy direction, focusing on US research security cases which ranks first in R&D expenses around the world to improve the R&D system and actively discusses R&D policies and laws.

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