Understanding the Performance of Collaborative Filtering Recommendation through Social Network Analysis

Sung-Mahn Ahn, In Hwan Kim, Byounggu Choi, Yoonho Cho, Eunhong Kim, Myeong-Kyun Kim


Collaborative filtering (CF), one of the most successful recommendation techniques, has been used in a number of different applications such as recommending web pages, movies, music, articles and products. One of the critical issues in CF is why recommendation performances are different depending on application domains. However, prior literatures have focused on only data characteristics to explain the origin of the difference. Scant attentions have been paid to provide systematic explanation on the issue. To fill this research gap, this study attempts to systematically explain why recommendation performances are different using structural indexes of social network. For this purpose, we developed hypotheses regarding the relationships between structural indexes of social network and recommendation performance of collaboration filtering, and empirically tested them. Results of this study showed that density and inconclusiveness positively affected recommendation performance while clustering coefficient negatively affected it. This study can be used as stepping stone for understanding collaborative filtering recommendation performance. Furthermore, it might be helpful for managers to decide whether they adopt recommendation systems.

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