Analyzing Effects on Firms' Market Value of Personal Information Security Breaches

JeongYeon Kim


With the increases of requirement for user identification in Internet services, we should let the service companies know my personal information. If the shared personal information with them are used in not-allowed area or delivered to un-authorized persons, we may have practical harms in several fields such as financial related operations. Korean Government has introduced new management method for personal information, but it is not hard to find the personal information management issues from Korean news papers. The proper measurement should be delivered to related companies to help them to decide investment for security. This paper review the indirect measurement method of demages by check the stock prices of related company for personal information management issue. We check the relationship between change of stock price and the information management issue. The result shows there are no changes in stock market. Korean government added strong regulations for personal information management though. To prevent further personal information issues, we should recognize the indirect damages properly and let the company pay higher reparations for any personal information abuse

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