Vol 18, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents


Analyzing Effects on Firms' Market Value of Personal Information Security Breaches PDF
JeongYeon Kim
Effects of Inter-Organizational Partner's Relationship Characteristics and IOS Visibility on Supply Chain Performance PDF
Moon-Sun Kim
Information Mediating in Social Network Sites : A Simulation Study PDF
Sangkyu Rho, Taekyung Kim, Jinsoo Park
A Qualitative Research on ICT Policy Design for Small and Medium Business PDF
Youngsik Bae, Hangbae Chang
A Study on the Validity of the Infrastructure Construction Cost for the Commercialization of Online Electric Vehicles PDF
Yong Uk Song, Sangun Park, Wooju Kim, June S. Hong, DongKyu Jeon, Sangheon Lee, Jonghan Park
Practical Datasets for Similarity Measures and Their Threshold Values PDF
Byoungju Yang, Junho Shim
The Effect of Perceived Information Control on the Knowledge Sharing PDF
Un-Kon Lee, Kyong Kyu Kim, Ho Hyeon Song
An Analytical Study on the Influence of Resistance Factors in Adoption and diffusion of Innovation as for Introducing ERP Systems into Universities PDF
Hyeon-Jeong Kim, Young-Hee Lee, Moon-Sun Kim
An Empirical Study of Employee’s Deviant Behavior for Improving Efficiency of Information Security Governance PDF
Hye Jung Kim, Joong Ho Ahn
Study on the Use of the Constant Comparison Method : Lessons from Training Novice Modelers PDF
Taekyung Kim, Jinsoo Park, Sangkyu Rho
The Effect of Community Artifacts and Media Richness Elements on the Experiences of the Social Network Game Users : ‘Anypang’ Case PDF
Un-Kon Lee, Kyong Kyu Lee, Jung Reul Lee

ISSN: 2765-3846