A Study on Development of Test Model and Linkage Method among International Standard Identification Systems and UCI/ICN

Yoonho Kim


UCI (Universal Content Identifier) as a national digital content identification system for identifying digital content and ICN (Integrated Copyright Number) for copyright management are operated by Korea copyright commission. However, They are not interoperable with international standard identification system such as ISRC (International Standard Recording Code), ISWC (International Standard Works Code), and ISAN (International Standard Audiovisual Number) due to lack of linkage system. Hence, extra works with international standard identification system are needed for international market entry and integrated management of statistical information including content settlement in international market is impossible. In this paper, the domestic/international identification systems are surveyed, and by metadata analysis of identification systems, linkage method with UCI/ICN is proposed. And also by developing the prototype model, research direction to UCI/ICN with international standard identification system is proposed.

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