Vol 19, No 4 (2014)

Table of Contents


The Study of Developing Korean SentiWordNet for Big Data Analytics : Focusing on Anger Emotion PDF
Sukjae Choi, Ohbyung Kwon
Implementation of Social Network Services for Providing Personalized Nutritious Information on Facebook PDF
Hyojin An, Jaewon Choi
Estimating Economic Loss by S/W Vulnerability PDF
Min-jeong Kim, Jinho Yoo
A Study on Automatic Tooth Root Segmentation For Dental CT Images PDF
Seunghwan Shin, Yoonho Kim
Implementation of Standard Platform for Distributing Usage Statistics of Digital Scholarly Information PDF
Youngim Jung, Jayhoon Kim, Kwangyoung Kim, Hwanmin Kim
A Study on the Application Methods of Big Data in the Technology Commercialization Process PDF
Chang-Gul Park, Hyun-Suk Roh, Yun-Jeong Choi, Hyun-Woo Kim, Jae Kwang Lee
An Improvement of Organizational Effectiveness through the Analysis of the Relationship between Entrepreneurship and Dynamic Capabilities in IT Venture Business PDF
Soo-Young Kim, Wang-Jin Yoo, Sang-Jin Lee
A Study of Accident Prevention Effect through Anomaly Analysis in E-Banking PDF
Eun Young Park, Ji Won Yoon
A Study on the Relative Importance of the Administrative and Technical Measures for the Personal Information Protection PDF
Young Hee Kim, Kwang Ho Kook
A Study on Development of Test Model and Linkage Method among International Standard Identification Systems and UCI/ICN PDF
Yoonho Kim
The Effect of Individual Motivated Propensity on Perceived Characteristics and Use Intentions for Mobile Medical Service PDF
WonIL Joh, ByungTae Yoo, SeungChul Kim
Improved Security Monitoring and Control Using Analysis of Cyber Attack in Small Businesses PDF
Jun Suk Hong, Young Hwan Lim, Won Hyung Park, Kwang Ho Kook
Factors Affecting Sustainable Web Technology Adoption : Pro-social Behavior Perspectives PDF
Sunhee Kim, Ohbyung Kwon
The Impact of Education-Orientation on Technology Innovation and Company Outcome : Focusing on Korean Companies in China PDF
Jung Hoon Kim, Young Taek Lim

ISSN: 2765-3846