The use of Local API(Anomaly Process Instances) Detection for Analyzing Container Terminal Event

Daeuk Jeon, Hyerim Bae


Information systems has been developed and used in various business area, therefore there are abundance of history data (log data) stored, and subsequently, it is required to analyze those log data. Previous studies have been focusing on the discovering of relationship between events and no identification of anomaly instances. Previously, anomaly instances are treated as noise and simply ignored. However, this kind of anomaly instances can occur repeatedly. Hence, a new methodology to detect the anomaly instances is needed. In this paper, we propose a methodology of LAPID (Local Anomaly Process Instance Detection) for discriminating an anomalous process instance from the log data. We specified a distance metric from the activity relation matrix of each instance, and use it to detect API (Anomaly Process Instance). For verifying the suggested methodology, we discovered characteristics of exceptional situations from log data. To demonstrate our proposed methodology, we performed our experiment on real data from a domestic port terminal.

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