Analysis of the Effects of Common Criteria Certification on the Information Security Solutions

Young Ran Hong, Dongsoo Kim


As the functions and technology of IT security solution has been diversified and complicated, it is necessary to make the functions standardized. The common criteria (CC) evaluation and certification scheme was introduced with this background in 2000. For over 10 years after the introduction of CC evaluation and certification scheme, many security solution vendors have developed functions following the security functional requirement in CC. Most of CC evaluators and developers think that CC has helped to enhance the security of the solution. So, it is a right time to prove the affirmative effects of CC in quantity. In this research, we compare two cases, the security status of the solution before and after the experience of CC evaluation, and analyze the results. We made the questionnaire for the domestic solutions vendors. We show that CC has made positive effects on the security of the solution quantitatively using statistical analysis. This research is meaningful security enhancement of domestic security solutions.

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