Vol 17, No 4 (2012)

Table of Contents


Vulnerability Analysis and Improvement in Man-in-the-Middle Attack for Remote User Authentication Scheme of Shieh and Wang's using Smart Card PDF
Kwang-Cheul Shin
The Defense Strategies against Consumer Unethical Behaviors PDF
Un-Kon Lee, Jong Pil Park, Young Eun Choi, Yonghui Oh
Development of Shopping Path Analysis System(SPAS) PDF
In-Chul Jung, Young S. Kwon, Yong-Han Lee
Analysis of the Effects of Common Criteria Certification on the Information Security Solutions PDF
Young Ran Hong, Dongsoo Kim
Finding Influential Users in the SNS Using Interaction Concept : Focusing on the Blogosphere with Continuous Referencing Relationships PDF
Hyunjung Park, Sangkyu Rho
The Determinants of User Resistance to Adopting e-Books : Based on Innovation Characteristics and User Attitude PDF
Aeri Lee, Jaewon Choi, Kyung Kyu Kim
A Study on Competitive Analysis Using Multidimensional Efficiency Analysis PDF
Dong-Heon Yang, Yen-Yoo You
A Study on Network Redesign for Supply Chain Expansion PDF
Byung Duk Song, Yonghui Oh
Analysis and Proposal of "Do Not Track" Regulations for Online Behavioral Advertising PDF
Jinju Choi, Chunghun Lee, Beomsoo Kim
A Study on Modeling Framework of Convergence Business PDF
Duk-Hyun Kim
A Requirement Analysis Method of Smart-Phone Users by Using Contents Analysis of SNS PDF
Tae Woo Kim, Dong Hyun Baek
Survey on Vector Similarity Measures : Focusing on Algebraic Characteristics PDF
Dongjoo Lee, Junho Shim
A Study on the Effects of Software Developer's Job Satisfaction on Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intension PDF
Ho-Jin Jeon, Young-Joo Lee, Jung-Hoon Lee

ISSN: 2765-3846