A Study on Cloud Computing for Financial Sector limited to Processing System of Non-Critical Information: Policy Suggestion based on US and UK’s approach

Hye-Ji Do, In-Seok Kim


In October 2016, the NFSA (National Financial Supervisory Authorities) revised the network separation clause of the Regulation on Supervision of Electronic Financial Activities in order to promote the Cloud Computing implementation in the financial sectors. The new regulation, however, limits the Cloud Computing usage to non-critical information and its processing system. Financial institutions that provide customer data analysis and personalized services based on personal data regard current revision as unchanged as before. The implementation of Cloud Computing has greatly contributed to cost reduction, business innovation and is an essential requirement in ever-changing information communication technology environment. To guarantee both security and reliability of the implementation of the Cloud Computing in financial sectors, a considerable amount of research and debate needs to be done. This paper examines current Cloud Computing policies in the Korean financial sector and the challenges associated with it. Finally, the paper identifies policy suggestions based on both European Union and United States’ approach as they have successfully introduced Cloud Computing Services for their financial sectors.

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