Vol 22, No 4 (2017)

Table of Contents


Effect of Editors’ Commitment on Open Collaboration Contents: Promotion of Wikipedia Featured Articles PDF
Naveed Khan, Jong Woo Kim, Hong Joo Lee
A Study on the Liability of Information Protection for the Third Party Supply of Personal Information/Focus on Fintech Companies Using OPEN APIs PDF
Jo-eun Kim, In-seok Kim
A Study on Cloud Computing for Financial Sector limited to Processing System of Non-Critical Information: Policy Suggestion based on US and UK’s approach PDF
Hye-Ji Do, In-Seok Kim
Analysis of the Effect of Patients’ Clinical Conditions on No-Shows PDF
Sangbok Lee, Kitaek Park, Kwanghun Chung
Predicting Performance of Heavy Industry Firms in Korea with U.S. Trade Policy Data PDF
Jinsoo Park, Kyoungho Kim, Buomsoo Kim, Jihae Suh
IoT-Based Module Development for Management and Real-time Activity Recognition of Disaster Recovery Resources PDF
Sangyun Choe, Juhyung Park, Sumin Han, Jinwoo Park, Tai-woo Chang, Hyeokjin Yun
A Study on The Asset Characterization of Bitcoin PDF
Seong Il Jang, Jeong Yeon Kim
A Study on Trace-Back Method of Financial Network Using IP Marking Server PDF
Keunho Park, Ken Choi, TaeShik Shon
An Empirical Study on Key Factors Affecting Churn Behavior with the Voices of Contact Center Customers PDF
Moonkyoung Jang, Byungjoon Yoo, Jaehwan Lee
Analysis of Important Indicators of TCB Using GBM PDF
Woo-Jeong Jeon, Young-Wook Seo
A Study on the Method of Security Industrial Classification through the Review of Industrial Special Classification PDF
Eunhee Shin, Hangbae Chang
A Comparative Analysis of Curriculums for Software-related Departments based on Topic Modeling PDF
Jaewon Choi, Ho Lee, Jungmin Kim, Juho Song

ISSN: 2765-3846