Chatting-based Commerce Platform Enabling Non-Volatile Social Curation Service

Keedong Yoo


The social curation service that selectively provides information generated by individuals or groups with the same interests can have a synergistic effect when combined with the recently used SNS-based chatting function. If these kinds of chatting-based curation technologies are applied to the Internet shopping malls, particularly, buyers can obtain more reliable information in real time basis, and sellers can provide them with more differentiated and rich information in a continuous manner. This research suggests a chatting-based commerce platform that provides the social curation service based on chats among sellers, existing buyers, and potential buyers. The proposed commerce platform can organize a chat channel for each store and product not only to immediately respond to new and existing customer inquiries about stores, brands, and detailed products, but also to continuously activate differentiated sales strategies to customers subscribed to the channel. In particular, MongoDB is used to permanently save and archive the information and chatting history of each channel, so that the buyer can search and refer to them recorded in the corresponding channel at any time.

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