Vol 23, No 3 (2018)

Table of Contents


Probabilistic Performance Evaluation Technique for Mixed-criticality Scheduling with Task-level Criticality-mode PDF
Jaewoo Lee
Bitcoin(Gold)’s Hedge․Safe-Haven․Equity․Taxation PDF
Y. Hwang
Topic Based Hierarchical Network Analysis for Entrepreneur Using Text Mining PDF
Donghun Lee, Yonghwa Kim, Kwanho Kim
Study on the Facility Planning for Relief Logistics Relieving Damage from Natural Disaster PDF
Sumin Han, Hanil Jeong, Jinwoo Park
A Study on the Research Security System of the Researcher-Centric PDF
Jeakyun Lee, Onechul Na, Hangbae Chang
Integrative Analysis on Digital Piracy: Focused on Attitude, Personal Norm, and Habit PDF
Byounggu Choi
A Study Factors Affecting Continuance Intention of Internet Only Bank:Using Task-Technology Fit Theory PDF
Hyein Yoo, Jaeyoung An, Choong C. Lee
Enabling Environment for Participation in Information Storage Media Export and Digital Evidence Search Process using IPA PDF
Sang Hee Yang, Choong C. Lee, Haejung Yun
Chatting-based Commerce Platform Enabling Non-Volatile Social Curation Service PDF
Keedong Yoo
The Development of XML Message for Status Tracking the Importing Agrifoods During Transport by UBL PDF
Kyeong Rim Ahn, Heeyoung Ryu, Hochoon Lee, Chankwon Park
A Study for the Innovativeness of Blockchain PDF
Euiseok Kim
A Case Study on Application of Flipped Learning in Timeliness Security Theory Class PDF
Harang Yu, Hangbae Chang
Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Predicting Online Peer-to-Peer(P2P) Loan Default PDF
Jae Kwon Bae, Seung Yeon Lee, Hee Jin Seo
Comparison between k-means and k-medoids Algorithms for a Group-Feature based Sliding Window Clustering PDF
Ju-Yon Yang, Junho Shim

ISSN: 2765-3846