The Development of XML Message for Status Tracking the Importing Agrifoods During Transport by UBL

Kyeong Rim Ahn, Heeyoung Ryu, Hochoon Lee, Chankwon Park


The imported foods, which are imported and sold domestically, are on the rise every year, and the scale is expected to be larger, including processing the imported raw materials. However, the origin of raw materials is indicated when declaring cargo for finished products of agricultural products, but the standardization of inspection information management system for raw materials is insufficient. In addition, there is a growing concern about the presence of residual pesticides or radioactivity in raw materials or products, and customer want to know production history information when purchasing agrifoods. It manages the hazard analysis of imported agricultural products, but most of them are global issues such as microorganisms, residual pesticides, food additives, and allergy components, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to share among the logistics entities in the entire transportation process the related data. Additionally, to do this, it needs to design an architecture and standardize business model. In this paper, it defines the architecture and the work-flow that occurs between the business process for collecting, processing, and processing information for tracking the status of imported agricultural products by steps, and develops XML message with UBL and the extracted conceptual information model. It will be easy to exchange and share information among the logistics entities through the defined standard model and it will be possible to establish visibility, reliability, safety, and freshness system for transportation of agricultural products requiring real-time management.

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