A Study on ICS/SCADA System Web Vulnerability

Hee-Hyun Kim, Jinho Yoo


In the past, the control system was a closed network that was not connected to the external network. However, in recent years, many cases have been opened to the outside for the convenience of management. Are connected to the Internet, and the number of operating control systems is increasing.
As a result, it is obvious that hackers are able to make various attack attempts targeting the control system due to external open, and they are exposed to various security threats and are targeted for attack. Industrial control systems that are open to the outside have most of the remote management ports for web services or remote management, and the expansion of web services through web programs inherits the common web vulnerability as the control system is no exception.
In this study, we classify and compare existing web vulnerability items in order to derive the most commonly tried web hacking attacks against control system from the attacker 's point of view. I tried to confirm.

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