Vol 24, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents


Development of An Automatic Classification System for Game Reviews Based on Word Embedding and Vector Similarity PDF
Yu-Jeong Yang, Bo-Hyun Lee, Jin-Sil Kim, Ki Yong Lee
A Study on ICS/SCADA System Web Vulnerability PDF
Hee-Hyun Kim, Jinho Yoo
An Analysis of Industrial Security Curriculums in Colleges PDF
Jinhyo Jung, Chang-Moo Lee
Performance Evaluation of MACSec for Host Mobility PDF
Sangjun Ahn, Dongcheon Shin
Formulating Strategies from Consumer Opinion Analysis on AI Kids Phone using Text Mining PDF
Dohun Kim, Kyungjin Cha
An Industry-Service Classification Development of 5G-based Autonomous Vehicle Applications PDF
Dong Ha Kim, Seon Jeong Park, Choon Seong Leem
A Study on Security Requirments Analysis through Security Threat Modeling of Home IoT Appliance PDF
Suk-Jin Yun, Jungduk Kim
Analysis of Investment Time for a Residential Photovoltaic Power System in China and Thailand Applying a Real Option Model and SAM Data PDF
Yongma Moon
A Study on the Acceptance Factors of the Introduction of a Smart IoT Technology for Well-being Companion Animal PDF
Sung Kwang Kang, Hoontae Kim, Yong Gu Ji, Jeongyoung Lee
Framework for Assessing Maturity of Future Manufacturing System PDF
Jeongcheol Lee, Tai-Woo Chang, Jong-Kyung Park, Gyusun Hwang
Effects of Information Overload on Hostile Behaviors Online PDF
Sanghyung Jin, Cheul Rhee, Youngbin Jang
A Study on the Conceptual Design of Integrated Management System for Public SW Project Information PDF
Kitae Shin, Chankwon Park
Framework for Secure User Authentication of Internet of Things Devices PDF
Yongtaek Song, Jaewoo Lee

ISSN: 2765-3846