A Study on the Application of Cross-Certification Technology for the Automatic Authentication of Charging Users in ISO 15118 Standard

Sujeong Lee, Minho Shin, Hyuk-soo Jang


ISO 15118 is an international standard that defines communication between electric vehicles and electric vehicle chargers. Plug & Charge (PnC) was also defined as a technology to automatically authenticate users when using charging services. PnC indicates automatic authentication technology where all processes such as electric vehicle user authentication, charging and billing are automatically processed.
According to the standard, certificates for chargers and CPSs (Certificate Provisioning Services) should be under the V2G (Vehicle to Grid) Root certificate. In Korea, the utility company operates its own PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), making it difficult to provide chargers under the V2G Root Certificate. Therefore, a method that can be authenticated is necessary even when you have different Root Certificates. This paper proposes to apply cross-certificate technology to PnC authentication.
Automatic authentication of Cross Certification is to issue a cross-certificate of the Root CA and include it in the certificate chain to proceed with automatic authentication, even if you have different Root certificates. Applying cross-certificate technology enables verification of certificates under other Root certificates.
In this paper, the PnC automatic authentication and cross certificate automatic authentication is implemented, so as to proceed with proof of concept proving that both methods are available. Define development requirements, certificate profiles, and user authentication sequences, and implement and execute them accordingly. This experiment confirms that two automatic authentication are practicable, especially the scalability of automatic authentication using cross-certificate PnC.

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