Vol 24, No 3 (2019)

Table of Contents


A Study on the Measurement Method of Cold Chain Service Quality Using Smart Contract of Blockchain PDF
ChangHyun Kim, KwangSup Shin
Machine Scheduling Models Based on Reinforcement Learning for Minimizing Due Date Violation and Setup Change PDF
Woosik Yoo, Juhyeok Seo, Dahee Kim, Kwanho Kim
An Empirical Analysis of Influencing Factors on Success of Equity Crowdfunding: By Industry and Funding type PDF
Jong-Yun Kim, Chul Soo Kim
A Development Method of Web System Combining Service Oriented Architecture with Multi-Software Product Line PDF
IlKwon Jung
Design of a Personal-Led Health Data Management Framework Based on Distributed Ledger PDF
Junho Moon, Dongsoo Kim
An Intelligent Chatbot Utilizing BERT Model and Knowledge Graph PDF
SoYeop Yoo, OkRan Jeong
Scheduling Generation Model on Parallel Machines with Due Date and Setup Cost Based on Deep Learning PDF
Woosik Yoo, Juhyeok Seo, Donghoon Lee, Dahee Kim, Kwanho Kim
Development of the Military-3PL Integrated Operation Strategy for National Defense Transportation using Simulation PDF
Juthatip Suraraksa, In-Taek Gong, Jaewon Kim, HanSeok Seo, KwangSup Shin
Blockchain Technology for Mobile Applications Recommendation Systems PDF
Jane O. Umekwudo, Junho Shim
An Impact Analysis of Information Security Professional’s Job Stress and Job Satisfaction to Turnover Intention: Moderation of Organizational Justice PDF
Jinhyun CHO, Jinho Yoo, Jong-In Lim
Analysis of News Big Data for Deriving Social Issues in Korea PDF
Hong Joo Lee

ISSN: 2765-3846