Vol 26, No 3 (2021)

Table of Contents


Innovation Patterns of Machine Learning and a Birth of Niche:Focusing on Startup Cases in the Republic of Korea PDF
Songhee Kang, Sungmin Jin, Pill Ho Pack
A Study on the Fraud Detection through Sequential Pattern Analysis: Focused on Transactions of Electronic Prepayment PDF
Byung-Ho Choi, Nam-Wook Cho
An Analysis of the Dynamics between Media Coverage and Stock Market on Digital New Deal Policy: Focusing on Companies Related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution PDF
Kwonsang Sohn, Ohbyung Kwon
An Exploratory Study on Domestic Mobile Games and In-app Payment Fees PDF
Taehee Lee, Seongmin Jeon
Improving Embedding Model for Triple Knowledge Graph Using Neighborliness Vector PDF
Sae-rom Cho, Han-joon Kim
A Meta-analysis of Korean Gamification Research Trends for Security Education Design PDF
Jong Wan Kim, Hang Bae Chang
A Comparative Analysis of Ensemble Learning-Based Classification Models for Explainable Term Deposit Subscription Forecasting PDF
Zian Shin, Jihoon Moon, Seungmin Rho
Quantitative and Qualitative Considerations to Apply Methods for Identifying Content Relevance between Knowledge Into Managing Knowledge Service PDF
Keedong Yoo
The Effects of Internal Communication, Techno-stress, and Task-Technology Fit on Intention of Continuous Use of Enterprise Content Management System PDF
Inho Hwang
A Study on Resolving Barriers to Entry into the Resell Market by Exploring and Predicting Price Increases Using the XGBoost Model PDF
HyunSeop Yoon, Juyoung Kang

ISSN: 2765-3846