Vol 18, No 4 (2013)

Table of Contents


A Survey on Long-Term Preservation of Composite Electronic Records with Heterogeneous Electronic Records PDF
Yun-Young Hwang, Kyu-Chul Lee
Adaptive Framework for Designing R&D Project Management Process Using Cloud Computing Technology PDF
Kwang-Sup Shin
Multiple Layer File Format for Safe Collaborative Design PDF
Kichang Kim, Sang Bong Yoo
A Study on the R&D Planning of Railway IT Convergence Technology PDF
Tai-Woo Chang, Hong-Joo Lee, Jun-Ho Lee, Jong-Wun Won, Suk Lee
The Process Reference Model for the Data Quality Management Process Assessment PDF
Sunho Kim, Changsoo Lee
Development of Case-based Service Improvement Methodology By Utilizing TRIZ Concept PDF
Jung-Wan Hong, Jae Ho Choi, Young Ho Chun
An Explorative Study on the Difference between Smartphone Application Selection Factors and Purchase Factors PDF
Sunju Oh
Comparison between Planned and Actual Data of Block Assembly Process using Process Mining in Shipyards PDF
Dongha Lee, Jae Hun Park, Hyerim Bae
Time Series Analysis on the Endogeneity between Quality of Internet Banking System and Business Performances of Banks PDF
Seonyoung Shim
Ontology Design of Semantic Case Based Reasoning System for the Share and Exchange of Sub-Cases PDF
Sangun Park, Juyoung Kang
Factors Influencing the Introduction of Mobile Security Technology PDF
Woong-Gyu Choi, Young-Jai Lee
An Empirical Study on the Factors Influencing Acceptance of Convergence Services:Focusing on Telematics Service PDF
Donghee Kim, Dayoung Kim, Jungsuk Oh
A Study on Factors Influencing Chinese Tourists’ Intention to Use Online Travel Reservation Services PDF
Jing Hao Han, Hyuk Jin Kwon Kwon, Dongsoo Kim
Determinants of User Perceived Value and Its Influence on the Usage of Smartphone- based Mobile Commerce : Focusing on Service Ubiquity and User Control PDF
Sujeong Choi
A Study on Priorities of the Components of Big Data Information Security Service by AHP PDF
Subrata Biswas, Jin Ho Yoo, Chul Yong Jung
Outlier Detection Techniques for Biased Opinion Discovery PDF
Jongheum Yeon, Junho Shim, Sang goo Lee
A Study on the IT Project Selection Considering Budget Constraints PDF
Jaehee Park, Nam-Wook Cho, Wooje Kim

ISSN: 2765-3846